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The Mine Suite

The Mine Suite

Tired of the same old dull hotels you find along the road? Spend the night at the world’s supposedly deepest underground hotel room! The Mine Suite is located 155 m (more than 500 ft) underground, deep inside the old silver mine of Sala, Västmanland county. The mine was once a very important source of income in Sweden, and silver was breached in large quantities between the 16th and 18th century. The mining activities stopped long ago, but by then, a total of 400 tonnes of silver (and 40.000 tonne lead) had been mined, all by hand. These day, the mine hosts guided tours and other events in the old caverns.

Spending the night in a furnished, heated rock cavity, far below the earth’s surface; the Mine Suite is truly an enchanting experience. Be sure to make a reservation well in advance, it’s a very popular stay and weekends usually gets fully booked year-round. The price for a night is about 4000 SEK for two people and might definitely be worth a visit if you’re looking for a different and exclusive lodging alternative. If you feel that the rate is too steep but still want to see the mine, you may stay at the more affordable hostel on the surface and join a guided tour down the tunnels.

The Mine Suite

How to get there

Sala is only about 1,5 hour drive from Stockholm. Follow E18 west to Enköping, then take road 70 until you reach Sala.

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