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The High Coast

höga kusten, the high coast in Sweden
The High Coast of Sweden is a beautiful stretch of land between the cities Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik, in the province of Ångermanland in north-eastern Sweden. The retraction of the last continental ice sheet (some 10.000 years ago) made this area rise high above the gulf of Bothnia, allowing for a formation of steep cliffs and a vast archipelago to emerge. The phenomena is quite unique and has given the region an unprecedented landscape, and since the year 2000 The High Coast of Sweden is considered a UNSECO World Heritage Site.

The High Coast is actually still getting higher, rising with about 8 centimeters every century.

Sights & activities

The High Coast is all about the views and it’s easy to just explore the area on your own. A popular way to do it is by simply driving through the landscape along the E4 highway, which will also take you over the magnificent High Coast Bridge (Högakustenbron). The bridge is a famous suspension bridge with almost 200 meter high pylons over the Ångerman River, one of the many powerful rivers of northern Sweden.

If your looking for something more brisk, The High Coast has a lot to offer when in comes to outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing and kayaking, as well as cross-country skiing in the winter.

If you feel like taking a slightly longer break from your vehicle, the almost 130 km long High Coast Trail is an incredible hiking trail with outstanding views of the coastal area, as well as the forest regions situated further inland. The trail is lined with plenty of exciting activities (most of them also accessible by car) and is divided into several sections so that you can easily choose a suitable route.
high coast bridge sweden
(The High Coast Bridge stretching across the river of Ångermanälven)


Ulvön & the High Coast archipelago

During the summer months you can also enjoy The High Coast area from the water; passenger ferries and boat taxis operates shorter daily tours in the beautiful archipelago, which is an excellent way to spend the day when the weather is nice. Departures are available from several locations along the coast, including the villages of Docksta, Ullånger and Mjällomslandet.

The passanger ferries can also take you out to the island of Ulvön; a small island with only about 40 permanent residents year round, but it hosts much more people during the summer. Many of them have summer houses on Ulvön while others are just looking to spend the day enjoying the picturesque island. For those wanting to stay a bit longer there’s a hotel (the homely Ulvö Hotel) and a hostel available, and it’s also possible to camp out or rent a house of your own.
(The secluded harbour on Ulvön)


Accommodation in the area

If you’re looking for places to stay near the High Coast, the largest range of hotel options in the area is found in the cities of Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik. These are not very large towns (between 15 – 30.000 residents), but they are very quaint and lovely for spending a night or two.

But there are some great alternatives in between as well. For example Hotel Höga Kusten, which is located right beside the High Coast Bridge on the north shore of the river and offers an amazing view of the beautiful, archipelagic surroundings.
A great low budget alternative is Getberget B&B and hostel in Kramfors, which is about a 15-20 min detour off the E4 main road. It’s also a nice location for enjoying the surrounding outdoors in Ångermanland county through a variety of activities.

How to get there

Simply drive along the E4 highway between Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik. It is easy to exit the main road and discover the area as desired, just don’t miss the High Coast Bridge which is part of the E4 highway.

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