Sweden Road Trip

Top 10 travel apps for your road trip

There are thousands of available travel applications for your smartphone or tablet nowadays – everything from weather forecast and currency exchange to hotel reviews and flight planners. It can be difficult to realize which ones are actually helpful and which specific apps to choose. It all comes down to personal preference, but here’s a list of our 10 favourite travel apps. Hopefully you’ll find something useful as well!
1. XE Currency
Great currency exchange app. Tracks live currencies and stores the last rates to make them available when your internet connection is not. Just set your home currency and you’re good to go. No more mental arithmetics and expensive surprises.
iOS and Android (free)

2. AroundMe
AroundMe locates your current position and shows you where to find adjacent hotels, banks, supermarkets, gas stations and much more.
iOS and Android (free)

3. Onavo Count & Onavo Extend
Helps you track and lower your mobile data usage to avoid those expensive data roaming bills when you’re traveling. Onavo Extend compresses all the data you use to considerably lower the amount required for your tasks.
iOS and Android (free)

4. Google Goggles
A great travel app for the cultivated tourist. Google Goggles tells you everything you want to know about interesting landmarks, monuments, buildings, paintings and anything else that you might come across in a foreign city. Just snap a picture of it and Google Goggles will search for information about the object. The app doesn’t find everything but it works surprisingly well!
iOS and Android (free)

5. Foodspotting
Helps you find nearby restaurants that serves whatever you’re in the mood for. Read user recommendations and reviews to find the best ones.
iOS and Android (free)

6. TravelSafe (and TravelSafe Pro)
Quickly lets you access imporant emergency contacts wherever you are, without relying on your internet connection. The pro version will also help you find embassy locations and contact information.
Android (free, pro version for about 1 €)

7. Wi-Fi finder
Points you to nearby wi-fi hotspots to help you keep those data roaming bills to a minimum.
iOS and Android (free)

8. Hostelworld
Search and make reservations at affordable hostels in over 6000 destinations world-wide. Search for hostels nearby or at your target destination, and sort them by user rating or price to help you choose.
iOS and Android (free)

9. WeatherPro
Great weather app with forecasts for over 2.000.000 locations world-wide. Perfect if planning your itinerary while on the move and particularly useful during a winter road trip when weather conditions might be rough.
iOS, Android and Windows Phone (2.5 – 3 €)

10. Google Translate
Indispensable translate app with more than 70 available languages. The days guessing what’s on the restaurant menu are long gone.
iOS and Android (free)