Sweden Road Trip

Pre-paid mobile plans in Sweden

Making phone calls and surfing the web with your regular mobile plan can be extremely expensive when you’re abroad. Using a local pre-paid plan can significantly lower the costs when visiting Sweden and it’s a good way to avoid those involuntary data roaming fees. A plan with mobile surf typically has a set amount of data usage and lets you access the internet without thinking too much about the bill.

A pre-paid card can easily be purchased at supermarkets and mobile operator stores, and does not have to be registered. It works perfectly well for calling and surfing the web, but it usually cannot be used for making purchases through your phone. Keep in mind that your phone cannot be locked to another mobile plan.

The four major operators in Sweden offers pre-paid plans; Telenor, Comviq (Tele2), Telia and 3. The prices depends on where you’ll be calling and how you’ll be using your phone, as some of them offers more data usage but a higher calling cost, and vice versa. The minimum amount to charge is around 200 SEK for all of them.

Pre-paid internet access

Having internet access on your laptop can be convenient when there’s no wi-fi available. Most operators in Sweden offers mobile internet access through portable USB-modems, but it’s unfortunately often more affordable when signing long-time plans. Some operators do offer pre-paid plans with no fixed costs, which is a good way to stay connected during your visit. Before purchasing, be sure to look up the following to determine which plan suits your needs:

  • Are there any fixed monthly costs?
  • Is there a starting fee?
  • Is the USB-modem included?
  • What’s the connection speed and is the amount of data limited?

Pre-paid internet plans and USB-modems can either be purchased online or in one of the operator’s stores when you arrive.
The major internet providers in Sweden are Telenor, Tele2, Telia, 3, Bredbandsbolaget and Com Hem.