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Dog sledding

Dog sledding is a very popular activity for people visiting the northern parts of Sweden. A dog sled tour may either be for a few hours or longer adventures of several days (usually a package-deal including lodging, meals, sauna etc.). The shorter trips of 2-6 hours cost about 700-1500 SEK per person and typically include a simple lunch and hot chocolate break out in the wild. It’s a really nice way to experience the stillness of the snowy wilderness in Sweden, together with your friends and a couple of Huskies.

Many tours combine the trip with attempting to spot reindeer, moose or the northern lights. If you feel a bit more adventurous, make sure you take a tour that allows you to steer the sled yourself.

Dog sledding


Where to do it

Dog sledding tours are offered all over the northern parts of Sweden. Some of the most popular places are Abisko, Kiruna, Luleå and Jokkmokk. If you want to do it a bit further south, you can visit the ski resorts in Åre and Sälen.
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