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Ale's stones

Ale’s stones

Ale’s stones is a majestic stone monument dating back to around 600 A.D. The momument forms a 67 meter long “ship” created by 59 vertically standing stones, all weighing a few tonnes each. The true meaning of Ale’s stones is still debated and there are several theories as to why it was created. One theory is that they’re a sun-calendar similar to Stonehenge, while others believe them to be an old burial ground. Whatever they meant, it was an incredible effort raising these massive stones over 1400 years ago. One can only draw the conclusion that they meant something essential in people’s lives…

Ales stenar

The site itself is located on beautiful, steep cliffs overlooking the Baltic Sea, on the very southern edge of Sweden. A few hundred meters to the east is the small coastal village of Kåseberga, which has been a prominent fishing site for generations. It’s definitely worth the short walk to enjoy their charming harbour and to visit the local fish market and restaurant.



Accommodation in the area is most easily found in the nearby city of Ystad. Two good options are Ystad Saltsjöbad, a large comfortable resort & spa right at the beach and a great stay during the summer, or Hotel Continental closer to the city center.

How the get there

From Ystad, drive east on Österleden. After a few km, make a right turn onto Östra Kustvägen. Follow it for a few km more and then make another right turn when you reach Ales väg.

(photo by: Boden)

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