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This site was started in late 2013 aiming to provide useful information about driving and travelling in Sweden. We’re hoping to answer most of the basic questions you might have before visiting Sweden, and at the same time share some of our favourite sights and attractions. We love road trips and we want to make things easier for anyone to take one in Sweden.

In fact, road trips have been a very popular way to holiday in Sweden for decades. There’s so much to see and experience and driving has always been a great way to do it. It’s comfortable, easy and convenient, and the stunning views of this beautiful country are all for free.

Still, it’s not always easy to know what to see and where to go. Whether you’re looking to take a shorter trip or a longer tour, or even if you’re just passing through; use this site as a resource and browse around to help you get started. Hopefully you’ll find everything you need to know before setting off, but if not, feel free to ask us and let us know what you’re missing!

Open road in Sweden
(photo: H. Dahlstrom)

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