Sweden Road Trip

Sweden Road Trip

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– What should I do if I’m in a traffic accident or in need of roadside assistance?

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– Can I drive my rental car outside of Sweden? To Finland, Norway, Denmark?

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Sweden – the perfect setting for a road trip

Driving is a wonderful way to experience this beautiful country with its ever-changing scenery. From north to south, Sweden stretches almost 1600 km from the mountainous wilderness above the arctic circle all the way down to the plains and farmlands of Skåne. In between you’ll find plenty of breathtaking views, picturesque cities and scenic routes, all while enjoying the tranquil nordic ambience. For the most part, driving in Sweden is very simple and safe and it makes a lot of great sights easily reachable; no matter if you’re taking a longer tour or just a short day trip around the city you’re visiting.

This site is dedicated to provide useful information and inspiration for anyone looking to travel in Sweden. You’ll find useful resources to help you plan your trip, information about traffic regulations & driving in Sweden, car rental, driver’s licenses, important links & contacts and reviews of some of our favourite places to visit. Take a look around and feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

Did you know?

  • The Right of Public Access allows you to freely experience the Swedish countryside almost anywhere. The premise is to make the beautiful outdoors available for everyone, but the right comes with a responsibility to preserve and protect the natural environment. When camping out, find out more about what is allowed and what is not, or visit the Swedish EPA for additional information.

  • Temperature may differ a lot over the year and between the southern and northern parts of Sweden. Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not always freezing and temperatures above 20° C (68° F) is not uncommon even in the northernmost parts of Sweden during the summer.

  • A Scandinavian (or even Nordic) road trip is a great way to get an even wider travel experience when visiting Sweden; it’s easily done and shouldn’t require a lot of additional planning. We’ve put together a short guide of what to keep in mind when driving in Scandinavia.

  • The Swedish Vision Zero safety goal is aiming to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents to 0, and the traffic administration is working actively to achieve it. They’re not there yet, but the number has decreased significantly; by 51 % if comparing 2013 to 1997 when the goal was initiated, making Swedish roads among the safest in the world.

  • There are several tour operators arranging self drive tours in Sweden. Typically, self drive tours are limited to smaller regions but will often include the most popular sights and activities in the area, and it’s a good option if you have limited time planning your own itinerary. While you lose the flexibility of a classic road trip, pre-arranged tours may make up for it in convenience.


Have a great trip and drive carefully!